Watch James Adomian and Drew Droege’s BiPartisan Presidential Debate Live from UCB

In real life or in parody, you’re probably not going to get a better bipartisan presidential debate than this one recorded live at UCB Franklin this week. It was put on by the amazing James Adomian and Drew Droege, appropriately called Decision Election 2016 All-Star Clusterf*ck with: 

James Adomian as Sen. Bernie Sanders
Drew Droege as Carly Fiorina 
Heather Anne Campbell as Sec. Hillary Clinton
Seth Morris as Gov. Lincoln Chafee 
Fortune Feimster as Donald Trump 
Ian Karmel as Gov. Chris Christie
Ryan Perez as Sen. Ted Cruz 
Chris Schleicher as Gov. Martin O’Malley 
Daniel Van Kirk as Gov. Jeb Bush 
Jerry Minor as Dr. Ben Carson 
Mike Still as Gov. Mike Huckabee 
Veronica Osorio as Sen. Marco Rubio 
Neil Casey as moderator

If you’re feeling conflicted about watching SNL tonight because of Trump, watching this will more than make up for it.