Undecided: The Movie, the Movie Following Two Undecided Pranksters on the Campaign Trail, Is Now on Netflix

So much crazy stuff has happened this election just in the past month that it seems crazy that the rest of it even happened. 

You probably even forgot that Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler starred in a faux documentary where they went along the election campaign trail as two “undecideds” and attempted to see what each campaign was about as well as prank the likes of Jeb Bush, Trump, Clinton, Rubio, Ben Carson, etc. Aasif Mandvi and Jena Friedman from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart are pushing them along the whole way in this crazy journey captured in Undecided: The Movie.

Along with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s election coverage, you might feel slightly less on edge leading up to November 8th with this doc. It’s available to stream now on Netflix.