Pick of the Day: Abolish Everything: Tournament of Champions (in NYC) 6/1

In such divisive times, some great comedy gold can be mined from leaning in even further to those divisions (well, when they’re kind of pretty absurd). Hence, Chandler Dean’s Abolish Everything is a rollicking ride of passionately pleaded cases to abolish, as the title suggests, anything and everything as decided by the finely curated line-up of comics on the bill.

It’s been such a hoot, that Dean is going to have an Abolish Everything Tournament of Champions featuring the comics that are the very best at talking up the ridiculous things that should be scorched from this world. On June 1st, at Caveat in LES, the following Abolish Everything heavy hitters will go toe-to-toe:

Henry Block
Augusta Chapman
Sarah Gruen
Amy Muller
Annie Rauwerda
Kathryn Margaret Rose
Cara Michelle Smith
Marielle Sarmiento
Jason Siegel
Felipe Torres Medina

Tickets are $20 right now, but $25 day of. You can also access a livestream for $10. Get more info and tix right here right now.