Pick of the Day: No More Mr. Mean Guy (in LA) 5/16

Nick Vatterott is hands down one of the most innovative comedians around (just watch any of his late night sets or his special Disingenuous) who constantly bends rules/reality/joke structure into some of the most hysterical things we’ve ever seen.

Vatterott will be taking on a new challenge coming up by attempting to take a different approach than what seems to be the tenor of the times (Netflix did just put on a 3 hour roast of Tom Brady that’s a far cry from what roasts were in Dean Martin/Don Rickles’ day) with stand-up comedy: being nice.

Next Thursday, May 16th at 9:30PM at Lyric Hyperion, Nick will attempt what seems impossible these days by not being “Mr. Mean Guy” and being hysterical. If there’s someone to pull it off with his clever revelry in absurdity, it would be Nick and whoever else he has up his sleeve.

Tickets are only $10 for this experiment of Nick’s and you can (and very much should) go get them here.