Baron Vaughn, Hampton Yount, and Felicia Day Are Latest to Join MST3K Revival

We’re going to venture a guess that both the MST3K loyal and newcomers to Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be pleased with this news. 

As the Kickstarter to bring back MST3K has already reached its initial goal and speeds towards its stretch goals, creator Joel Hodgson has announced the folks that will being playing the roles of Mad, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo as well go into some detail over the dynamics of this new iteration of MST3K.

Earlier today, Joel sent the update out that Felicia Day will be playing Mad (specifically Kinga Forrester, the daughter of Dr. Clayton Forrester), Hampton Yount will be filling the role of Crow T. Robot, and Baron Vaughn will be the next Tom Servo.

With Jonah Ray as the host, this almost rounds out a pretty swell cast, but, there seems to be a new role for an evil henchmen waiting to be announced.

Based off of who he got so far, we’re sure Joel has got someone great lined up for that role and that’s all the more reason that the Kickstarter should raise as much as it can to make as much new MST3K as possible.