TCB Debriefing 5/4-5/9/24: The Office, Jon Stewart, Dropout Presents, David Cross, Sam Morrison, Cole Escola, Isabella Rossellini, Cate Blanchett, Alec Berg, SXSW, SNL

1. As the annals of television and entertainment history will remember The Office as a cultural institution that spanned several generations of fans where many a sitcom has not, it shouldn’t come as an entire surprise that The Office, the U.S. version, is going to be revisited with a new paper based business and different cast (not to dissimilar to the dynamic that What We Do in the Shadows the series has to the original movie of the same name) (Variety). Greg Daniels will be back at the helm, but Domnhall Gleeson and Sabrina Impacciatore are the only two cast members announced thus far. We’re going to take a wild guess and say they won’t be the Jim and Pam of this spinoff of the show.

2. If you’re a little distraught by Jon Stewart only hosting Mondays on The Daily Show, fret not. He’s going to also do a podcast called The Weekly Show (AP)

3. Dropout has been busy working in semi-secret with recording not one, not two, but several specials between Brennan & Izzy, Courtney Pauroso, The Big Team, Hank Green, and more. Take a gander at Dropout’s foray into the comedy specials game (following their massive success with absurdist improv game shows) here.

4. The one and only David Cross is starting his 40 plus city stand-up tour later this year, called The End of the Beginning of The End,  on 9/11, which, arguably, is kind of too perfect. Best go get tickets here while you still can.

5. Sam Morrison is upping the ante with his solo show that’s currently destined for Broadway by essentially by Beverly Hills’ exclusive playhouse, the Wallis Annenberg Center from 9/20-10/13 (Deadline). Sam is so damn funny that it’s worth putting up with going to Beverly Hills.

6. History will likely remember Cole Escola‘s version of Mary Todd Lincoln in Oh, Mary!, despite them not “doing” any “research”. Please enjoy Cole admitting that fact and more on Seth Meyers this week here.

7. It’s somewhat cryptic and yet, very much straightforward as to what cinema legend Isabella Rossellini has gotten herself into this time with Green Porno and Other Shorts. In any case, the contrast of her ever-calming voice and animals copulating is pretty damn funny. Take a gander at the trailer  for her Green Porno and Others Shorts here, then go watch it now on Mubi.

8. Is Cate Blanchett in a comedy/sci-fi era? She has Borderlands coming up after portraying the Nordic mythological figure Hela in the MCU and now, a sci-fi comedy Alpha Gang where she plays an alien invader from the folks that brought one of the strangest releases in awhile (well, since Everything Everywhere All At Once), Sasquatch Sunset (THR). If this is the case, we are more than ready for Blanchett to do more rounds of Hot Ones to promote it.

9. Lovers of Barry and Silicon Valley, rejoice in the coming of another Alec Berg co-created series (this one will be with Adam Countee). Coming to Hulu, will be Berg and Countee’s take on the world of Formula 1 racing, which ought to be refreshing, unflinchingly satirical take that seems to have a bit of a Succession streak to it (it follows a racing family dynasty). (Deadline).

10. SXSW is branching out to London next year (The Guardian) (i.e. they’re have a non BBQ edition of SXSW).

11. SNL is on the verge of its 50th anniversary, which will lead to a gigantic retrospective of the comedy monolith (and maybe a possibility of Lorne finally handing to the keys to, ummm, a Tim Robinson type)

12. We’ll leave you with this: Free Ben Schwartz tix on 10/5 anyone? E-mail us at and we’ll see if we know some guys (it’s just one guy).