Jojo Rabbit Is a Great, Definitive Piece of Satire for 2019 and Cements Waititi’s Legacy as an Auteur


Even though you probably are well aware of JoJo Rabbit’s premise of a fledgling Nazi Youth, who has a goofy Hitler as an imaginary friend, having to confront the inherent flaws in his ideology and its branding as an “anti-hate satire” (and that they’ll be playing David Bowie’s Heroes at some point), Taika Waititi still manages to delight, surprise, pull your heart strings oh-so-tight, have you double over laugh, and question your own biases and tolerances with his latest film. 

Waititi makes a very effective piece of satire (almost Jonathan Swift-life in concept) for our times and also manages to be both edgy and uplifting at the same time. Such a range might actually be his signature style as an aforementioned auteur and wonderfully singular voice in comedy when all is said and done. Hunt for the Wilderpeople, What We Do in Shadows, Thor: Ragnarok and now JoJo Rabbit do make for a damn fine resume.

Also, the whole cast, Roman Griffin Davis, Scarlett Johansson, Taika, Thomasin McKenzie, and Sam Rockwell put on performances that will definitely stand out (as they balance Waititi’s sense of play and the horror of the Third Reich in WWII) in the breadth of their filmographies, which are already pretty impressive as is.

JoJo Rabbit is in now playing and you can (and should) get tickets for a theater near you.