Fantastical Animated Adolescence Comedy “Big Mouth” Gets Beautifully Nightmarish Teasers

It would seem that Bill Burr’s F Is For Family paved the way for animated comedies dealing with childhood, but aren’t necessarily “family friendly”. 

From Nick Kroll:

It’s about the beautiful nightmare that is puberty and adolescence. The show is based on me and my childhood best friend Andrew Goldberg’s real lives in middle school. It premieres on @netflix September 29th. I cannot wait for people to see it! Cast includes: me, @johnmulaney @jennyslate #jessiklein #jasonmantzoukas @sordociego (Fred Armisen) #mayarudolph @jordanpeele and many more amazingly talented folks.

Watch these teasers and you’ll see exactly what Kroll is saying.

Big Mouth starts streaming on Netflix on Friday, September 29th.