Natasha Vaynblat: Childless Freak (in LA) 5/21

Following a humdinger of a debut stand-up album, We’re All Dads Here, NYC’s Natasha Vaynblat is onwards to a brand new hour, this time focused on the beautiful idea of not having kids (should be such a more popular notion these days, to be honest).

And, as a bonus, Vaynblat will be in LA to work on this hour as a treat for Angelenos that don’t have access to seeing her playful wit in action on a nightly basis. So, on Tues. May 21st at UCB Franklin, Natasha will be doing the gorgeously named Childless Freak with a trio of splendid openers, Sam Taggart, Alexa Loftus, and Ashley Brooke Roberts. Tickets are only $10 and you ought to get them here.