Stop What You’re Doing and Enjoy the Season 2 Trailer of Ziwe

For the last few years, few other comedians have ascended quite like Ziwe, writing on one of the best late night shows on the air right now, Desus & Mero, to having the hottest IG Live show during lockdown, Baited with Ziwe, to having her own groundbreaking late night variety talk show, the eponymous Ziwe.

The first season of Ziwe having the keys to her very own talk show was some of the most delectable satire in late night and this next upcoming season (streaming Fri. Apr. 29th on Showtime) is going to one-up that as you can see in this season 2 trailer here.

Ziwe will march on in her iconic mission to be unflinching in picking apart issues and celebrities (and even her own writers). This season will have Baited-ish interviews with Ilana Glazer, Chet Hanks, Nicole Byer, Hannibal Buress, Adam Pally, Charlamagne Tha God, Emily Ratajkowski, Katya Zamolodchikova, and Mia Khalifa (and the Hannibal, Ilana, and Chet ones seem like they’ll be iconic from the get go).

Truly, knowing that season 2 of Ziwe is just around the corner, Apr. 29th suddenly seems so far away and can’t come soon enough.