Catch “Welcome To Me” As Soon As You Can

It came out last week in limited release and we can only hope that it gets to expand to more theaters soon as a great alternative to the big summer blockbuster fare.

If you’ve been waiting for a moment where Kristen Wiig gets to go full Kristen Wiig, so to speak, that moment comes with Welcome To Me, directed by Shira Piven and written by Eliot Laurence. Seemingly, every off-kilter quirk gets full range to go wherever Wiig wanted it to, whether it be somewhere hysterical, dark, or between the two. The premise of a mentally unstable person winning the lottery and then making her own talk show really did provide a great stage to showcase Wiig and have a great supporting cast in Joan Cusack, James Marsden, Linda Cardellini, and Wes Bentley to contrast as the “straight men”. 

It’s playing at Sundance Sunset Cinemas in West Hollywood and, if it wasn’t clear, we suggest you go catch it as soon as you can.