Go Watch Andrew Bujalski’s Latest Film “Support the Girls”


At first glance, it might seem like Andrew Bujalski is making a hard pivot from his previous abstract comedy Computer Chess by doing a comedy following the lives of the women who work at a Hooters-like sports barSupport The Girls certainly is indeed not a mysterious comedy following teams and their computers playing other computers in chess, but Bujalski’s mischievous, off-beat sensibilities are still present here. 

In fact, the way that Regina Hall’s Lisa has her life as the general manager of Double Whammies unravel over the course of a day seems almost akin to a comedic reimagining of 2013′s Locke than just a standard comedy about finding family wherever you can and staying together when you find it. 

Also, it definitely should be noted that Regina Hall, Haley Lu Richardson, and Shayna McHayle’s performances offer so much heart that you can’t help but think of the virtues of the movie’s title throughout. Such a film is especially timely in this era of #MeToo, but it has so much humanity that we would like to think that it would have been timely well before now.

In any case, you should go see Support The Girls as it’s now playing in theaters. Get showtimes here.