Screen Junkies Address Firing of Andy Signore on Sexual Harassment and Assault Allegations and How They’ll Be Moving Forward

Whether you’re a frequent TCB reader or not, you’re probably aware of Honest Trailers, the oft-celebrated, hugely popular parody web series run by Screen JunkiesBeyond Honest Trailers, Screen Junkies itself has become an online destination for a very fun, specific brand of movie/TV based humor and discussion through several different series and web videos they produce on a regular basis. 

Recently, Andy Signore, who created both Screen Junkies and Honest Trailers, was fired after several allegations of sexual harassment and assault were made by women who came forward like many women who have come forward to take down Harvey Weinstein and men like him over the last several weeks.

The staff at Screen Junkies took some time off, understandably so, to take necessary action following Andy’s firing and discuss how they want to move forward with Screen Junkies sans Andy in making it better, safer, more inclusive, and less divisive.

Here’s an address from Screen Junkies’ Dan Murrell, Roth Cornet, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Hal Rudnick.