Since Bill Maher Got COVID-19, Lisa Curry Decided to Do Her Own Ep. of Real Time

You might have heard that, even though he has been fully vaccinated, Bill Maher contracted COVID-19 amidst shooting his award winning weekly series, Real Time with Bill Maher. Maher was asymptomatic and taping for last week and this week were postponed.

Since the voice of Real Time is so “crucial” to the national conversation on any hot button issue, comedian and writer Lisa Curry, on her own, stepped up to the plate to do her own virtual, completely safe episode of Real Time (that would be hosted by someone a little more with the times).

Curry even assembled a stacked panel of Subhah Agarwal, Maggie Maye, and Calise Hawkins to riff over the news (over Zoom) just so you could have the full Real Time experience. Go enjoy Real Time with Lisa Curry and get your Real Time fix here.