Here Are Letterman Tributes in The Forms of a Guest Retrospective and a Conan O’Brien Essay

You have heard plenty and will be hearing plenty how much of an impact David Letterman made on comedy. 

Pretty much all of it is worth watching, reading, etc.

As Dave’s final day, May 20th, at The Late Show nears, the reminiscing of Letterman’s landmark career has gotten well under way.

This week, a montage of his guests over the decades was put together showcasing Dave in his element with some of his favorite guests and favorite moments on The Late Show.

Also, Conan O’Brien wrote a heartfelt, personal essay at EW about what David Letterman meant to him and the state of comedy even as it is now.

Rest assured, there will be plenty more oral histories, speeches, etc. for Dave over the next two and a half weeks.