So, Last Call With Carson Daly Has Been Profiling Comedy Folks For Awhile Now

When it comes to various comedy folks being featured on late night, the likes of Conan, Letterman, Ferguson, Fallon, Kimmel, and more are all usually mentioned. Last Call with Carson Daly is usually not brought up because, frankly, it was, for awhile, hard to find user-friendly clips to watch that were updated frequently after they aired on TV.

Well, it turns out that is the case no longer as many of the great profiles/clips/interviews on Last Call are now on Hulu. Megan Amram, Jason Mantzoukas, Ken Marino, and Who Charted? with Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack are just a few of the people that they’ve interviewed at various nicely decorated places in LA.

This year alone, they’ve also done nice profiles of:
Jim Jefferies
Sara Schaefer
Annie Lederman
Jerrod Carmichael
Fahim Anwar
Ted Melfi
Wyatt Cenac
Jason Schwartzman and Alex Ross Perry
Tone Bell
Nick Youssef
Eliza Coupe and Michaela Watkins
Mike Lawrence
James Davis
Andrew Orvedahl