Please Get and Enjoy John Hodgman’s Latest Book “Medallion Status”


Often, memoirs and autobiographies can seem self-aggrandizing and overly indulgent. Yet, the curious life of one John Hodgman and the charming way in which Hodgman himself examines it really makes him exempt from such a notion. 

This latest book, Medallion Status, offers up another fun dive into Hodgman’s life where he’s famous, but not quite too famous and the sort of surreal experience that can be. 

It’s almost like if a much less toxic (and definitely human) character on BoJack Horseman succinctly and delightfully recounted how they racked up an astonishing amount of frequent flyer miles. 

Medallion Status by John Hodgman is out now and available in hardcover, Ebook, audiobook from Penguin Random House. Get it here.