Please Listen to/Witness the Wild Story of Jamie Loftus’ My Year in Mensa


For what started off as a sort of stunt for a writing assignment, “a bit” if you will, the hysterical comedian/writer/animator/podcaster Jamie Loftus got herself into quite a quagmire by testing into the high IQ society known as Mensa. 

A year of her life was thrown into a tizzy as she became the subject of ridicule from certain factions within Mensa, only to meet up with some of them and get surprised even further. Jamie recounts all of what happens as well as some of the history of Mensa and IQ tests in general in this podcast mini-series, My Year in Mensa.

The four episodes is as captivating as it is funny and illuminating not only about Mensa, but the idea of identity and being inclusive/exclusive. Give My Year in Mensa a listen wherever you listen to podcasts.