Watch Trailer for “Inside Jokes”, Amazon’s Docu Series on Trying to Get JFL New Faces

For several years, a much sought after milestone for comedians was getting the title of being a Just For Laughs Montreal New Face. Though it’s a list intended largely for industry types, it has been established as a marker for who to watch out for, especially with stand-up.

Thus, comics compete intensely for the limited number of slots they hand out every year up in Montreal for the hope that they can call themselves a New Face whether they ends up being an actual big break or not (even if they’ve had a good amount of exposure and success already). 

Inside Jokes follows a handful comics (including folks we really dig such as Simon Gibson, MK Paulsen, Rosebud Baker, and Robert Dean) on this journey and you can get a taste of it right here. It premieres on Amazon Prime starting on Fri., Nov. 30th.

Oh, if you want a spoiler to how ends up getting to be a New Face, here’s the list for your convenience.