Go Binge “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson” If You Haven’t Already


If you’re like us and have been pondering the state and direction of sketch comedy right now, you might want to do yourself a favor and spend just around two hours watching the wonderfully daft, absurdist box-of-treasures that is Tim Robinson’s I Think You Should Leave on Netflix.

It’s only six episodes at less than twenty minutes a piece and it’s a much needed shot in the arm (and might just make up for Detroiters going off the air) in terms of pure, concentrated silliness that is meticulously crafted and performed at the highest level. 

The title is apt as every sketch acts in a way that prompts an exit for a character that they don’t take when they really should. The simple formula and Tim’s penchant for ridiculousness makes for one of our favorite shows thus far in 2019. 

In fact, there’s only one issue: there’s nearly not enough of I Think You Should Leave.