Here’s a Teaser of “Harmonquest”, Harmon’s Live Action Gameplay/Animated Reenactment D&D  Series, Coming to Seeso This Summer

(via USA Today)

Dan Harmon’s Dungeons & Dragons sessions, that have been their own live show as well as part of his podcast Harmontown featuring Spencer Crittenden and guests who may be more or less acquainted with D&D, is getting its own show on Seeso.

Harmonquest will not only feature the riff-filled version of D&D with the likes of really funny people joining in the journey, but will also have great animated reenactments to accompany the game as the story unfolds

Here’s a preview with Paul F. Tompkins as one of the guests that shows how great this concept really is.

Look for Harmonquest to start streaming on Seeso starting Thursday, July 14th.