This Year’s Echo Park Rising Having More Comedy


The annual music/arts/more neighborhood weekend festival known as Echo Park Rising is back this week, Aug. 15th-17th and will feature a much more robust comedy line-up. 

In fact, between the Time Travel Mart and Echoes Under Sunset, they’re going to have four shows featuring the likes of Maria Bamford, Steve Agee, Dana Gould, Sean Patton, Karen Kilgariff, Ian Karmel, Hampton Yount, Seaton Smith, Emily Heller, Chris Garcia, Matt Braunger, Sean O’Connor, and way more. Midnight Run, the show where all the comics are probably way too high when on stage, will be going down.

You might also like to know that it will all be free to attend, so while you wander hearing too many bands to count and eating from too many food trucks, make sure to catch some, if not all these shows.