Learn Actual Vegan and Other Special Diet Recipes While Getting Darkly Satiric on “Cooking for Vegans and Other Horrible People”

It would be pretty great if stuff like this was on The Food Network, TLC, or The Cooking Channel.

Cooking For Vegans and Other Horrible People takes cooking for people that have special restrictions with their diets and puts a sharp, satiric edge on it at every angle. Host Rachel Staman also teaches actual recipes, which look kind of appetizing. 

Per the description of the web series, “Join Rachel Staman as she cooks for Vegans and Other Horri – nice, horribly nice wonderful people who have no reason to come after us for any reason.”

In the three episodes thus far, Staman cooks for vegans, pregnant women, and ISIS, which, before you get heated about the idea of those three groups being lumped together, you should just watch it first.

If you’re missing the absurd side of cooking as it’s been awhile since a new Henry’s Kitchen has popped up, Cooking For Vegans and Other Horrible People should fix that right up.