Comedy Central Announces Nice, Big Development Slate Including Roast Battle, The Goddamn Comedy Jam, Specials from Braunohler/DeRosa/Soder, Deals for Jordan Klepper and Jessica Williams, and More

Comedy Central is making sure that it’s not resting on the laurels of the heaps of critical acclaim they’ve gotten over the last couple of years.  

Announced today, Comedy Central has the following in the works:

Series Greenlights Including:
-Two Stand-Up Series Produced by Kevin Hart’s Hartbeat Productions
-”Jeff Ross Presents: Roast Battle” (w/referee Brian Moses)
-An Untitled Comedy Documentary Series  
-A Digital Series Starring Nick Swardson and Simon Rex

New Specials:
Kurt Braunohler
Deon Cole
Pete Davidson
Joe DeRosa
Trevor Moore
Jordan Klepper
”Jeff Ross Roasts the Police”
Big Jay Oakerson
Dan Soder
“The Goddamn Comedy Jam” with Josh Adam Meyers and The Goddamn Band

“The Daily Show’s” Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper Sign Talent Development Deals

Pilot/Script Development with:
-Untitled Jessica Williams Project – “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” correspondent brings her unique point-of-view to a narrative scripted pilot executive produced, starring and written by Williams with Naomi Ekperigin.
Untitled Jordan Klepper Project – “Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper has signed a development deal with Comedy Central for a late night talk show presentation. 
Untitled Rachel Feinstein Project – this half-hour pilot starring Rachel Feinstein features hidden camera segments where Feinstein goes undercover to perform social experiments that tackle a different issue or theme each week. The series includes stand-up, sketch and conversations with comedians where Feinstein riffs on the week’s theme. 
Untitled Justin Willman Project – Comedian Justin Willman aims to fix the world’s greatest problems and social injustices using the only logical method we have left: Magic. 
“Do You Want to See a Dead Body?” – based on the Funny or Die shorts, “Do You Want to See a Dead Body?” is a half-hour, scripted pilot that follows Rob Huebel as he embarks on a bizarre quest/adventure to see a dead body with a different celebrity guest each week. 
“Germany” (pilot presentation) – Executive produced by and starring Channing Tatum, “Germany” explores the trials and tribulations of diverse microorganisms living in a microcosm of our world – complete with political scandals, climate change and vaccination deniers. “Germany” is a unique world in which both the laughter and the characters are contagious.
-“Hood Adjacent” – Based on the Comedy Central original series, “Swag-A-Sauraus with James Davis” on Snapchat Discover, Davis, who was born and raised in South Central, one block away from where the sh** goes down, uses his multifaceted hybrid brand of comedy to share his unique take on the world.
“Live From Everywhere” – shot in front of a studio audience, this live, half-hour variety show for the digital generation uses live streams to orchestrate the coolest, most unpredictable hangouts with celebrities and comedians. 
“Problematic with Moshe Kasher” – a half-hour pilot hosted by Moshe Kasher who uses his own brand of “comedy journalism” to crawl into the social media muck of our most polarizing issues, provocative questions and heated arguments and dissect them in front of a studio audience.
-“Rudy” (pilot presentation) – an animated project written by Robert Padnick that follows childish “cholo” Rudy Cisneros who, after serving a 15-year prison sentence, wants to dissociate from gang life and start being there for his wife, kids and abuelita. 
“Storytime” – based on the web series created by Chioke Nassor, this half-hour pilot follows three comedians who recreate personal stories by playing every character in their story in dreamlike reenactments. In between segments, the performers and a host sit at a roundtable dissecting and reacting to one another’s stories in front of a live audience. 
Untitled Kyle Dunnigan Project (script deal) – this script, set at a superhero academy, follows Kyle Dunnigan (“Inside Amy Schumer”) as a professor with unimpressive powers.
-“Awkwafina” (script deal) – half-hour scripted narrative that focuses on a heightened version of Nora Lum, better known as rapper Awkwafina, as she navigates the underground hip hop community in Queens. 
Best Seller” (script deal) – this script written by Nora Kirkpatrick and Dennis McNicholas, is set in the world of a third rate home shopping network. After the reigning queen of the channel is electrocuted on-air during a hair drying demonstration gone wrong, her three venomous power hungry disciples enter into a cutthroat competition for her coveted time slot.
“Casey Vs.” (script deal) – Casey Jost one-ups “Man vs. Wild” in the most extreme survival guide ever made and teaches viewers how to handle everything from the zombie apocalypse to an alien invasion. 
“Delco Proper” (script deal) – based on the Comedy Central digital series, “Delco Proper” centers around a family owned lumber yard and its blue collar crew made up of hardworking locals who never left their hometown in Delaware County, PA. 
“Drunk Girl/High Guy” (script deal) – this Sarah Walker script follows the adventures of two best friends and work wife/work husband in New York City – a girl who is almost always drunk, and a guy who is almost always high.
“East 89th (script deal) – based on Sean Donnelly’s real life experiences centering around the dysfunctional doormen of a luxury high-rise building on East 89th Street in New York City.
“GERP” (script deal) – Produced by Jack Black’s Electric Dynamite and co-written by Dick Blasucci (“Mad TV”) and Janine DeTullio (“Late Night wtih Jimmy Fallon”), this show within a show follows a federal worker who hosts a government produced variety TV show from inside his cubicle during the work day.
-“Legal-ish” (script deal) – written by Dave Storrs and Steve Mallory, follows a well-meaning slacker who finds himself on the jury bench of the longest-running case at his local courthouse. 
“New Timers” (script deal) – based on the Comedy Central Digital series, “New Timers” takes place following an apocalyptic “event.” Matt Porter and Charlie Hankin, who create, star, executive produce and direct the series, now live their day-to-day in what’s left of Brooklyn, looking for adventures, new friends and ways to pass the time.
-“Tijuana Beach” (script deal) – this animated project follows a Mexican American father who inherits a rundown resort from his uncle and relocates his family to Mexico.
“Used People” (script deal) – based on the Comedy Central digital series written by Michelle Wolf and Dan Soder, “Used People” follows uptight Michelle and stoner Dan who spend their days arguing, obsessing over their messy personal lives and – theoretically – selling used cars. 

We’re really excited to see The Goddamn Comedy Jam, Roast Battle, hour stand-up specials from Kurt Braunohler, Joe DeRosa, another one from Trevor Moore and Dan Soder, and what Jordan Klepper and Jessica Williams will do with their new deals.

Also, from the sound of Moshe Kasher and Rob Huebel’s pilots, we hope that they get to see the light of day past being a pilot.