Bob Odenkirk and Megan Amram Are Going on Their Own Book Tours

Two books that need to be on your shelves by the end of the year are Bob Odenkirk’s “A Load of Hooey”, which is out now, and Megan Amram’s “Science… For Her!”, which comes out Nov. 4th.

On top of that, Odenkirk and Amram are touring the country for their respective books. Bob’s tour is already under way and will visit San Francisco tonight, then go to Pasadena, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, and NYC through Nov. 9th. Brandon Wardell, who is on Odenkirk’s upcoming stand-up album Amateur Hour, and special guests will be coming along too. 

Amram’s tour stretches from Nov. 5th-Nov. 15th and has stops in Los Angeles, Portland, Toronto, Cambridge, NYC, and Brooklyn.

So, get both books and catch both Bob and Megan read live or whatever awesome, crazy thing they choose to do at these book tour events.