Get Your First Look at the Final Season of Barry and the Conclusion of Hitman Comedy

Over 3 seasons, Bill Hader and Alec Berg have dazzled us all with the bleakly dark, but still very hysterical Barry, following a troubled hitman desperately trying to being an actor (and a better person) and nothing but chaos trailing him at every turn. For our money, it’s one of the best dark comedies that there ever has been and has elevated the game in terms of how comedy can be directed for TV (or even for movies-the show is one of the most cinematic comedies).

Without giving too much away, the seemingly impossible redemption path for Barry, at the outset of season 4, seems even more impossible now, at least on Barry’s terms. This first teaser for season 4 is already so enticing and yet leaves so many possibilities open to what end Barry might ultimately come to (a happy ending? probably not in the capital-H sense).

Get a taste of this fourth and final season of Barry here, then make sure you have access to HBO on Apr. 16th when it premieres.