Danny McBride Takes Boneheaded Vengeance on the Housing Market Crash in “Arizona” (Trailer)

Almost without question, Danny McBride has made America fall in love with his spot on portrayals of misguided rage. Watching such a thing with the backdrop of the current moment is even more perfect pairing than when Foot Fist Way was whispered about between Adam McKay and Will Ferrell.

Arizona, a feature film debut for director Jonathan Watson and writer Luke Del Tredici (producer on 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Bored to Death), follows McBride as a victim of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis/House Market Crash from almost a decade ago who opts to get revenge.

If The Big Short had a cinematic universe, this would likely be a story within it.

The trailer promises some dark fun and you can see all of it for yourself here.

Arizona hits theaters later this month on Aug. 24th.