Help Make Sure “The Adventures of Drunky” Gets Finished on Indiegogo

Earlier this year, we reported on an enticing R-rated animated feature in the works called The Adventures of Drunky that follows a bet for the fate of the planet between God and The Devil and a drunk.

From top billing to cameos, the cast is stellar including Sam Rockwell, Steve Coogan, Jeffrey Tambor, Dave Attell, Tyler The Creator, Abby Elliott, John Leguizamo, Jon Glaser, Jay Pharoah, Noel Wells, and James Adomian.

Sounds pretty great, right? 

Well, Augenblick Studios has the script done and the dialogue recorded, but need funds to finish animating the whole thing. Thus, an Indiegogo campaign was born.

So far, they’ve raised $27,331 at the time of this post out of their minimum $100K goal. That will get them through the next step of production, but they’re looking to raise $2 million to finish the entire movie. They have just over three weeks to reach their goal and have fabulous rewards at various donations levels including lunch with Jeffrey Tambor, a personal insult voicemail from Dave Attell, digital copy of the movie and more.

Here’s God, as voiced by Jeffrey Tambor, and director Aaron Augenblick filling you in on all the details

You can (and should) donate here.