Season 2 of Nat Geo’s “Years of Living Dangerously” To Feature David Letterman, Cecily Strong, Jack Black, and More

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Leave it to a show on a niche cable network having celebrities, many who are comedians, to fight for climate change awareness.

Years of Living Dangerously, a show covering the reality of climate change, on the National Geographic Channel just got picked up for a second season and is really going for it in terms of their guests this time around.

So far, they’ve got David Letterman, Ty Burrell, Jack Black, Cecily Strong, Don Cheadle, Olivia Munn, Ian Somerhalder, James Cameron, and Arnold Schwarzenegger on board for the show in some aspect or another.

Letterman will specifically be interviewing the Prime Minister of India.

Hopefully, this show will present climate change in an entertaining way that isn’t just laughing at certain presidential candidates that seem like they’re spouting off nonsense.