Kevin Hart’s Laugh out Loud and The Sundance Institute Pick Their First Three for Women Write Now Fellowship

More and more these days, there are an increasing number of initiatives and fellowships to put marginalized groups in those lead creative positions that would truly shift the tide in terms of real representation and inclusivity when it comes to TV/movies/content.

The newly forged collaboration between Laugh Out Loud and the Sundance Institute has made for the Women Write Now fellowship for prospective black female creators that will have selected fellows and their respective scripts developed and produced for an actual streaming deal on Peacock (as well as a development deal for one of the fellows). That’s better than a lot of these fellowships as the general pubic usually has no access to what fellows are making.

For this first go around of the Women Write Now fellowship, Wilandrea Blair, Danielle Nicolet, and Moni Oyedepo have been selected and will be lead by the creative forces of Yamara Taylor as well as Leigh Davenport, Val Boreland, Zainab Johnson, and more in addition to Gabrielle Dennis, Meagan Good, and Bresha Webb as directors.

Be sure to look out for Blair, Nicolet and Oyedepo’s projects on Peacock soon.