Yep that is correct! At our special Valentine’s Day Show you could win a coffee date with a comedian! Actually 4 chances to win. They are all super awesome and hilarious! Hey plus they are all pretty easy on the eyes too! So whatcha waiting for? Thanks to GREG BARRIS, MOSHE KASHER, BRANDIE POSEY AND BARRY ROTHBART for being such good sports! 🙂

Raffle Tickets available at the show! (pre sale tixs are available too contact me) All proceeds go to charity!

You would be missing out on the opportunity to in the future say “Hey you know that big famous comedian on TV/movies? yeah well I once had a coffee date with them!” Guys you have the key to the future! Why not use it?

So let’s see laughs brought on by fantastic comedians, music, cookies, valentine’s and a possible date with some hot comedians..Umm I think you just planned your Monday and Valentine’s Day! See ya Monday!