UCB Sunset Having Its Grand Opening on Nov. 1st, Inner Sanctum Cafe Open Now

If you live in LA, you’ve probably driven past the new Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and Training Center on Sunset Blvd. several times, wondering when it’s going to open.

Actually, you can go in right now as there’s a cafe called Inner Sanctum that’s been open for around a week already. However, according to LA Weekly’s interview with Matt Besser, the grand opening, complete with live performances will be on Nov. 1st.

We’re excited for this space and what it has to offer as, just from the naked eye, it looks bigger than the UCB Theatre on Franklin and it’s not that far at all from there either (5 min. drive). Also, this is only part of a new wave of comedy specific performance spaces that are just now opening throughout LA like The Clubhouse.

We’ll be sure to tell you when UCB Sunset’s schedule is up.