UCB’s got something up their sleeve with Gene Wilder & Fidel Castro’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (in Limbo). According to the description, you’ll be able to wander halls of limbo that includes:

A Facebook Echo Chamber
Westworld World
The Physical Manifestation of Reddit
A Limbo Karaoke Room featuring the music of the approx. 1,000 musical artists who died in 2016
Hillary Clinton’s Woods
The Set of a Multi-Cam Sitcom
Fake News Ground Zero

Taking place all night long at UCB Sunset tomorrow, Friday, December 30th, this probably means you’ll get to actually wander the halls of the building (instead of just sitting in the theater), perhaps Sleep No More style, and see UCB’s go to performers recreate what they think 2016′s version of limbo is.

Interested? Good. You can (and should) get tickets here.

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