UCB Signs First Look Deal with Universal Cable Productions

(via Deadline)

This is one of UCB’s biggest deals yet. 

Throughout movies and television, you can see the influence that the Upright Citizens Brigade has had on comedy over the last several years. Not only are founders Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, and Ian Roberts doing well for themselves, but the alumni of the UCB brand are probably in all of your favorite things to watch or maybe running them from behind the scenes. 

Now, with signing a first look deal with NBC Universal’s Universal Cable Productions, you’re going to see even more of UCB folk on TV. Shows for the vast array of cable networks under NBC Universal’s banner (including USA, Oxygen, Esquire, E!, Bravo, Telemundo, and many more) will be developed by UCB.

Already they’ve got five shows in the works ranging from a haunted house mockumentary to an overwrought satire of a sorority house to a TV adaptation of We Can Fix You featuring the likes of Besser, Roberts, Jeff Hiller, Pam Murphy, Betsy Sodaro, Horatio Sanz, Laura Grey, Megan Stein, and more.