TruTV Is Developing Projects from Liza Treyger, Austin Martinez, Rose Schlossberg, The Kloons, and Michael Torpey

In the whirlwind of upfronts these last several days, there are some things that we’d like to mention now as we didn’t get around to them right when they were announced. 

In addition to TruTV’s current solid slate full of returning series like Adam Ruins Everything and Those Who Can’t as well as the upcoming new show Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters, they’ve got plenty in development to be excited about

-a Liza Treyger sitcom pilot
-a musically inclined sketch comedy pilot from Molly Austin and Shamikah Martinez AKA Austin Martinez (the comedy duo featured in Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack)
-a how to apocalypse survival guide comedy pilot End Times Girls Club from Rose Schlossberg
-presentation of a fake ad competition from The Kloons
-presentation of a game show that challenges what people studied in college in order to pay of their student debt from Michael Torpey

It’s almost like that time where TruTV almost exclusively made reality TV was long, long ago.