Here’s Your First Gander at Season 2 of Three Busy Debras

Your favorite trio of Debras, the three busiest ones played by Alyssa Stonoha, Mitra Jouhari, and Sandy Honig, are finally back for season 2. The first season of Three Busy Debras premiered on Adult Swim two years ago right when a certain global pandemic struck.

Their particular brand of absurdist humor, even though it’s satire to the nth degree of the unfortunately real world, is still such an escapist joy that we’ve dearly missed them for however long this time has felt for you (ten years for us, at least).

This second season of Three Busy Debras is due out on April 24th on Adult Swim and will be available to stream the next day on HBO Max. Until then, you can remind yourself what a ridiculous delight Three Busy Debras are with the first official look/clip of season 2 here.