Will Smith Hosted Stand-Up Series “This Joka” Coming to Quibi

(via Deadline)

Quibi was about to tape its own stand-up series at the Hollywood Improv right when this current pandemic shut all live entertainment down for the time being.

Fortunately, there was a stand-up series that had already been shot by Will Smith’s Westbrook Studios several months ago in Las Vegas and that series, called “This Joka”, has found its way to the just-about-to-launch mobile streaming platform Quibi (set to launch next week on Apr. 6th).

Many of our favorite comics that we’ve gotten to see up close in the before times will be featured on this series including:

Baron Vaughn
Chris Estrada
Christi Chiello
Clayton English
Daphnique Springs
David Gborie
Demi Adejuyigbe
George Wallace
Jackie Fabulous
Martin Urbano
Punkie Johnson
Rosebud Baker
Sam Tallent
Shane Torres
Shawn Wasabi
Vanessa Gonzalez

Per Quibi’s platform, episodes won’t be longer than 10 minutes and there are 16 of them ordered, which probably means that each episode will be a showcase set and conversation with the comics line-up. Also, Will Smith hosted all of This Joka and the one and only Lance Bangs directed the whole thing, making this stand-up series just all the more intriguing.