Team Coco Is Taking Over Comedy Clubs Across the Country on the Weekend of Oct. 3rd


All in one fell swoop from Thurs. Oct. 3rd-Sat. Oct. 5th, Team Coco will be putting their live comedy stamp from ATL to LA and Minneapolis all the way down to Austin. 

They’ll be having the fantastic comedic stylings Ron Funches, Kyle Kinane, Christina P., Roy Wood Jr., Laurie Kilmartin, and many more performing at several comedy clubs across the country all under the Team Coco House umbrella.

As Conan O’Brien himself has remarked, “This is exactly like ‘Oceans’ 11,’ only instead of robbing multiple casinos we are making people laugh in multiple comedy clubs. So, it’s really nothing like ‘Oceans’ 11’” 

Get more details and tickets for Team Coco House here.