Connor Ratliff & Mikey Erg Have Some Anti-Summer Anthems with “Summer Is Not XMAS”

While we’ve been reinforced to enjoy summer due to the scheduling of most schools in this country, there are a good deal of people who don’t enjoy June, July, and August because of the intense heat and the fact that it’s not the holiday season. 

If you’ve ever felt alone because you’re an “anti-summer” person, fret no more (except for the part where you hate summer) as Connor Ratliff and Mikey Erg, the guys behind the non-religious holiday album Spirit of Ratliff, have a nice collection of songs that speak to your anathema of summer

Watch the lyric video for 4th of July: RESURGENCE if you think we’re making all of this up for some reason.

It’s entilted Summer Is Not XMAS, has 7 songs, and can (and should) be downloaded off of Bandcamp right here.