Last Night, Jerry Seinfeld Got Steve Martin Back on Stage to Do Stand-Up

(via Vulture)

It may be a one time thing or something that happens when a very specific alignment of the planets happens, but it still happened.

One of the greatest comedians of all time will always be Steve Martin. The fact that he’s still out and performing regularly, but doing so as a bluegrass musician rather than a comedian is a fact that many still have a hard time grasping with. Whether you got to see Martin when he was the biggest deal in comedy decades ago or got to fall in love with his comedy after the fact, the desire to see Martin on stage and do a set of stand-up comedy will probably never go away. 

Apparently, off of losing a bet with Jerry Seinfeld, Martin opened up Seinfeld’s residency at The Beacon Theatre last night and according to Vulture, he has still got it (not that it should surprise any of you).

There’s no telling whether it will happen again or not, but let’s all just revel in the fact that it happened anyway and it did not disappoint.