Pick Up Latest Comedy Albums from Dylan Brody and Brendon Burns Off of Stand-Up Records

Stand Up! Records has just put out two albums worthy of your ears from humorist Dylan Brody and one of Britain’s best comedians in Aussie Brendon Burns.

Dylan Brody’s Writ Large brings a collection of stories brought to the stage in the fullest potential of the English language, and an incredibly clever triptych of improv as a nod to recording at UCB, going from moments of life’s funny, absurd moments to enlightened reflections that come from said moments (and back again).

Brendon Burns’ Pompously Lectures Americans is Burns doing a more traditional hour of stand-up, though mad, and hilarious so, at the fact that Americans were unaware of big parts of Australia being on fire.

Pick up both now and enjoy running an entire gamut of comedy.