Sony Pictures Not Releasing “The Interview” in Any Format

(via Variety)

It’s probably overload on all of your news and social media feeds to read about how The Interview has been taken out of theaters for its originally scheduled release on Christmas. We just posted about it a few hours ago.

Well, we felt it prudent to give one more update as Sony Pictures has nixed releasing the entire movie altogether. No VOD or DVD release will be coming in the future. That’s over $50 million from the production and marketing budget specifically spent all for naught by Sony Pictures on The Interview because they’re scared of hacker threats that have been linked to the North Korean government

There’s more at stake for Sony as the hack has affected more than just the release of The Interview, but this doesn’t change how cowardly this move is. 

So, as it stands now, Sony has shamefully locked The Interview away much like Jerry Lewis has locked away The Day The Clown Cried.