Ryan Sickler’s Reaffirms His Mastery of Storytelling with “Get a Hold of Yourself”


On stage as a stand-up, on The Crabfeast podcast, and even behind-the-scenes at the storytelling series This Is Not HappeningRyan Sickler has made himself an undeniable presence when it comes to comedic storytelling. 

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his new album Get a Hold of Yourself is a finely aged bottled of stories tapped from Sickler’s personal reserves about his family, drugs, and the infamous roller coaster Tatsu. When hearing them, there’s a timeless feel to the way he weaves details together, his perfectly measured timing, the smooth, deep sound of his voice that make it so you can’t help but want to sit and listen and not really want to do anything else. 

So, go get Ryan Sickler’s Get a Hold of Yourself available now from Blonde Medicine here.