Rick and Morty Had Its Own After Show “Ricking Morty” for Season 3 Premiere

First off, take note of a few things to take away from the headline on the Rick and Morty after-showRicking Morty

Rick and Morty is the first animated series and the first comedy series (outside of some late night bits and some sketches from sketch comedy shows) to get a legitimate (i.e. put on by the network) “after show” a la Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot, Game of Thrones, etc.  

Though not as serialized as all the other dramas we just name-checked, every episode of Rick and Morty has so much to unpack and analyze underneath the brightly colored, uber-clever, hilarious exterior, which makes room for plenty of discussion in an after show.

We can only hope that this is a recurring thing and not just a special one-off for the premiere only, especially since it’s billed as the Official Rick and Morty After-Show.

Also, you’ll note that the host is the very funny Sam Jay (and not Chris Hardwick or any other famous TV personality). We’re glad to see that whoever made the call gave Jay a shot that is well deserved.

Watch Ricking Morty here (after you watch the premiere of season 3 here).