Real Life Just Paralleled Armando Iannucci’s “In The Loop”

Iannucci’s landmark film In The Loop from 2009 largely followed a Minister of the Department for International Development (played wonderfully by Tom Hollander) consequently causing chaos after having some rather unfortunate meetings that lead to his eventual downfall. Also, Peter Capaldi screams some of the funniest lines in cinema the whole way through.

It just so happens that, in 2017, real life Minister of Department for International Development Priti Patel has come under serious fire for unannounced meetings with Israeli politicians including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

“Civil servants at Priti Patel’s Department for International Development have been told to expect a new minister, The Independent understands.” 

In the film, Hollander loses his position as Minister of Department for International Development during a quite disastrous trip to Washington, D.C.

Whether life actually imitates art will always be up for debate, but we’d like to think that Armando Iannucci is just that brilliant with political comedy that something he makes fun of is inevitably and unfortunately bound to happen.