Watch Trailer for Hari Kondabolu’s Documentary “The Problem With Apu” Exploring the Problematic Nature of The Simpsons’ Character, Apu

In 2017, you’re hopefully aware of the issues of cultural appropriation and diverse representation on screen.

Apu, the long running Simpsons character, is a flashpoint for such issues as he is voiced by a non-Indian actor, Hank Azaria, in a way that many Indians find offensive and belittling, especially given how revered The Simpsons is a TV show. 

So, Hari Kondabolu felt he needed to make a documentary focusing on this very subject. Thus, The Problem With Apu was made.

The trailer definitely makes you rethink how you watch The Simpsons if you weren’t already.

Look for the documentary to air on TruTV this fall.