Podbay.fm Here to Streamline Podcast Listening

Are you tired of seeming like podcasts are coming from every direction on the Internet? (Yes, this is about to sound like an informercial, but it’s absolutely not.) 
Do you want to go to less than 10 different sites to listen to your 10 favorite podcasts?
Don’t feel like subscribing to or browsing through iTunes for podcasts?
Get annoyed having to use several different proprietary media players?

Check out Podbay.fm right now.

Well, Podbay.fm is here to clear all those very specific podcast listener problems right up. Extremely clean and easy to use, the “open podcasting” database cuts right through the multitude of networks and having to subscribe to RSS feeds/iTunes along with the many other things that have made podcasting difficult to explain to potential listeners.

Already, you can find nearly any podcast on there (even ours) and every episode is neatly listed with the option to subscribe via RSS/iTunes or just stay right on the page and listen right then and there. The browsing feature that’s also very user-friendly revealed plenty of shows that we had no idea that existed.

Whether you’re just about to get into podcasts or already neck deep into religiously listening to your favorites, Podbay.fm should make it incredibly less confusing and more tempting to check out this “pod-thing” all the kids are doing these days.