Please Enjoy Chad Daniels’ New Special “Dad Chaniels”

It takes quite the comedian to carve out a big place in comedy and not basing themselves in LA or NYC (though the Internet has made that a teensy bit easier in the last few years). 

Chad Daniels is one such comedian that shows why with his second hour special, Dad Chaniels. He truly is a ‘Midwestern King of Comedy’ and has the polish, chops, sharp observations, and resolve to have such a title (not to mention that he is still based out of Minnesota). This new hour showcases Daniels in top form with clever observations (and even boldly doing a take on #MeToo that includes Aziz’s incident) and playful poking and prodding of the audience. 

Get a taste of all of this in the trailer. If you’re digging, it you can go stream Dad Chaniels now on Amazon.