Pick of the Day: Jeoparty! (in NYC) 10/13

At this point in time, it doesn’t seem like they’re going to have Will Ferrell reprise his rendition of the late, great Alex Trebek to fill in for the vacant slot to host Jeopardy! (seems like Mayim Bialik wants to be the permanent replacement?). So, that means that a whole row of comedians won’t be the contestants on our personal dream version of the show.

There’s still hope, however, as Brooklyn’s littlefield is doing their very own all-comedians spin on the trivia game show institution called Jeoparty! with Ophira Eisenberg next month. It’ll be even more ridiculous than SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy if you can imagine. For this go around of Jeoparty!, NYC comedy’s best and brightest in Josh Gondelman, Shalewa Sharpe, and Michael Kosta will be joining in.

Jeoparty! is set for Wed. Oct. 13th at 8PM ET. For $10, here: Where can you get tickets?