Trailer for Patton Oswalt’s Latest Special “Annihilation” Only Slightly Prepares You For What’s Coming

Next Tuesday, October 17th, Patton Oswalt: Annihilation, Patton’s latest hour stand-up special, will begin streaming on Netflix.

From this trailer, everything seems in order for a new hour from Patton with some clever commentary on politics and white genocide. 

However, as was hinted at earlier this year, Annihilation does indeed include his most personal material yet. He focused a significant portion of this hour on the untimely passing of his wife, Michelle McNamara, in a heartbreaking, beautiful, visceral, funny way that only Patton Oswalt could make happen.

You don’t see that in this trailer, but know that it’ll be one of the most affecting, unforgettable parts of the special when you see it next week.